Black Algerian Beauty Queen Ben Hamou sparks racist outrage

Freshly crowned Miss Algeria 2019 leads Algerians to remark she's not pretty enough.

Khadija Ben Hamou  (photo credit: YOUTUBE)
Khadija Ben Hamou
(photo credit: YOUTUBE)
Khadija Ben Hamou made history on Saturday when she beat 16 other women to be crowned the first black Miss Algeria, yet some of her fellow citizens are unhappy with the decision, Kan News reported on Monday evening.
Commenters protested that "race has nothing to do with it" and claimed she's "just not pretty" going into specifics about her nose, mouth and weight.
Others spoke in her defense,  “If I understand correctly, you want a miss Algeria that looks like a Swedish!?" A Facebook user
wrote,"It's one of the charms of our diversity, a saharan charm, I'm glad to finally see a miss who comes from the south Algerian,” The National reported.
Algeria was once the home of a thriving Jewish community, some historians say a Jewish-Berber warrior queen called Kahina fought the Islamic invasion of that country in the 7'th century.
Jews had lived in Algeria until 1962 when it became independent, with many of them leaving to France and Israel.
Ben Hamou happens to be a common Jewish surname among Jews from Arab countries, however, at this point Miss Algeria did not publicly remark on any Jewish heritage she may have.