'Forces clash with anti-gov't protesters in Iran'

Reports suggest that thousands of people pour into streets of Tehran holding signs saying "God is great," "Death to the dictator."

Iran protests 3 520 (photo credit: AP)
Iran protests 3 520
(photo credit: AP)
Thousands of demonstrators in Iran poured into the streets of Tehran Sunday in nationwide protests against the government on Sunday, The Wall Street Journal reported.
Protesters clashed with security forces trying to disperse them, according to witness accounts.
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Protesters targeted government landmarks such as the national broadcast company chanting "God is great," and "Death to the dictator," witnesses reported on opposition websites, according to the report.
The reports come after an Iranian pro-government news agency claimed armed opposition groups planed to shoot at people at the protest.
The news agency said that teams of the Mujahedeen Khalq, an Iraq-based Iranian opposition group, entered the country to shoot people during the protest rally.
The report by Fars was seen as a warning to potential protesters that the demonstration will become violent.
Sunday's rally marked a week since the deaths of two people in Feb. 14 clashes between security forces and opposition protesters in Tehran. It was the largest demonstration by the opposition in more than a year.
The opposition blamed the deaths on government forces.
Oren Kessler and The Associated Press contributed to this report