Gazan terrorists share their tunnel expertise with Syrian rebels

"They even sent me a video and we did it exactly the way they do it," rebel tells journalist.

Syrian rebels learn Gaza attack-tunnel building methods.
Rebels in Syria recently showed media a tunnel they built, which the rebel conducting the tour said was constructed with advice from tunnel builders in Gaza.
"We asked for the advise from our brothers in Gaza. They told us that they have been using wooden planks. They even sent me a video and we did it exactly the way they do it," the rebel said.  
The rebels in the tunnel said were planning to launch attacks against Syrian President Bashar's Assad's forces from their tunnel.
In the video, posted on the internet on May 12, and released by MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute, the journalist is given a tour of the 700 meter tunnel on Mount Arbaeen dug by the Islamic "Aharar Al-Sham." 
The journalist was shown a cache of explosives which he said was set to be used to target the regime forces who were standing in large concentrations above the site.  
"Allah willing, you will witness an earthquake tomorrow," he added. 
During last summer's Operation Protective Edge, militants in Gaza made extensive use of tunnels in their combat with IDF forces, and in attempts to infiltrate Israeli territory.