Gov't report: Iraqi forces have 'long way to go'

Iraq's security forces have "a long way to go" to deal with the bloody insurgency and violent crime, the government said in a report obtained by The Associated Press. The report concludes that Iraq's army - praised just this week by President Bush - needs more men, better leaders, new equipment and improved training to confront the insurgents without US support. The 59-page report, compiled by Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari's office, reviewed the government's performance since taking office seven months ago. It was prepared for the administration that will take over after elections Dec. 15. The document claims successes in the economy, improvement in the vital oil industry and in services but acknowledges that security remains a major concern. Iraq's police and army - about 200,000 at present - are dominated by majority Shiite Muslims and are the subject of allegations of mass arrests and mistreatment of Sunni Arabs. Sunnis dominated Iraq for years under Saddam Hussein and now lead the insurgency.