'Hezbollah denies it is aiding Assad crush dissent'

Shi'ite group claims accusations are politically charged attempt to enable West to interfere in Syria, says it favors Syrian reform, AFP reports.

Nasrallah 311reuters (photo credit: reuters)
Nasrallah 311reuters
(photo credit: reuters)
Hezbollah on Thursday denied recent allegations that it is helping the Syrian regime crack down on nation wide protests plaguing the country since March, AFP reported.
“Hezbollah vehemently denies accusations by some Syrian opposition members that it is helping to put down the protests in Syria and asserts that these allegations are untrue,” the Shi'ite group said in a statement quoted by AFP.
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The group claimed the accusations were politically motivated and aimed at enabling the West to interfere in Syria's internal affairs, AFP said.
“We are against such interference and favor reform and stability that would enable the Syrian people to prosper and move forward,” Hezbollah said in the statement.
Syrian opposition members who met in Istanbul earlier this month condemned Iran and Hezbollah for backing Syrian President Bashar Assad, and called on the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Conference to support protesters.
In May, Western intelligence agencies expressed concern that Hezbollah might try to transfer advanced weaponry it reportedly maintains on Syrian soil if it feels that Assad’s reign is on the verge of ending.