Hezbollah: We have captured an Israeli 'spy eagle' in Lebanon

Bird allegedly found with receiver implanted on its body and ring around its foot with markings from Tel Aviv University.

Eagle 521 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Eagle 521
(photo credit: Courtesy)
An alleged avian Israeli agent has been captured in Lebanon, Hezbollah's Al-Manar TV station reported on Wednesday.
The eagle was captured by amateur hunters in the the town of Ashqout in the Keserwan district of the country, which is north east of Beirut. 
The eagle was carrying an implanted receiver and a brass ring was found around its foot with markings in English that connected the suspect to Tel Aviv University, according to the report.
Hezbollah TV broadcast an image of the "alleged spy" saying that a receiver had been located on its body.
"Israel has used spy birds in the past: in Saudi Arabia in 2010, in Turkey in 2012 and in Egypt, in 2013 and all were found to be used as listening devices" Al-Manar reported.  
Turkish authorities detained a bird this past summer on suspicion it was spying for Israel, but freed it after X-rays showed it was not embedded with surveillance equipment.
The kestrel aroused suspicion because of a metal ring on its foot carrying the words "24311 Tel Avivunia Israel", prompting residents in the village of Altinayva to hand it over to the local governor.
Reuters contributed to this report.