'Hizbullah truck footage fabricated'

Hizbullah Tyre video ref

al manar hizbullah door not rocket (photo credit: )
al manar hizbullah door not rocket
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A video released by Hizbullah on Thursday aimed at undermining Israeli assertions that the terrorist organization has, once again, been caught violating UN Security Council Resolution 1701 - which forbids arms to be brought into southern Lebanon - is a clear "fabrication," a security source has said. In the IDF's black and white video, released on Tuesday and taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle, several men can be seen rushing around a building in Tayr Filsay, near Tyre, in the minutes that followed an enormous explosion of what Israel says was an illegal Hizbullah arms cache. Subsequent explosions were also spotted, proving the existence of an arms cache, the source said. In the IDF's video, long objects covered by fabric are seen being loaded onto a truck and driven away. They were rockets that "can strike deep into northern Israel," the security source said. In Hizbullah's video, by contrast, a number of men can be seen loading metal poles from a truck in broad daylight at a depot, in the vicinity of a number of UNIFIL peacekeeping troops. Hizbullah's Al-Manar satellite TV station said the long objects were nothing more sinister than "a metal door." But the Israeli security source dismissed Hizbullah's claims, and said a number of indicators existed to prove that Hizbullah's video was a poorly made cover-up attempt. "Our video was shot at night, not during the day. And there were no UNIFIL soldiers around the blast site when we filmed," the security source said. "In reality, the rockets were smuggled to other another village, Hamiri, to hide their existence." "This is a low-level video. We know Hizbullah sealed off the area after the explosion," the source said. "We know Hizbullah is disturbed by the fact they were caught with weapons in southern Lebanon." Hizbullah has established approximately 300 weapons caches in southern Lebanon, the source said. "We also know of significant weapons transfers from Syria to Hizbullah," he added.