Houthis undermine Yemen’s present and sabotage its future

Apparently, the international community is not aware of this serious war against Yemen humanitarian identity and against coexistence, equality, and civic values.

Protesters gather during a rally against the Middle East conference in Warsaw, in Sanaa, Yemen February 17, 2019  (photo credit: REUTERS/MOHAMED AL-SAYAGHI)
Protesters gather during a rally against the Middle East conference in Warsaw, in Sanaa, Yemen February 17, 2019
SANA'A - The tolerance shown by some actors in the international community towards the Houthis militias in Yemen reflects a lack of deep understanding and awareness of the nature of the dilemma that the Yemenis suffer by this ideological militia. In the sense that, this is not just a bloody, sectarian and racial coup by Iranian-backed militia against the state and its institutions, rather, it is most serious, where the militia, besides the aggressive and cruel war against Yemenis, is waging another brutal war against all coexistence, equality and civil values in a systematic way, using state institutions and potentials that they seized by force and intimidation.  
Apparently, the international community is not aware of this serious war against Yemen humanitarian identity and against coexistence, equality, and civic values. Houthis manipulate educational institutions in creating a bloody ideological army, whose creed is centered around “death”, within a process of continuous provocative discourse at schools, universities, and mosques, as well as provocative discourse at local radio, TV stations and social media.
Houthis doctrine is based on an ideology that praises death and uses it as their motto, as seen in the so-called chanting which was inspired by Iranian revolution principles; (God is Great, Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse of the Jews, Victory to Islam); which become a mobilizing and psychological program that dictates all the discourses and literature of Houthis leaders and insurgents. Such chanting is being repeated at all of their events, and they wrote it all over walls, streets, and mountains under their control. 
This chanting, launched by the founder of Houthis, Hussein Al-Houthi, in a 2002 statement became the theoretical foundation of the public mobilization of the militia, and their insistence that this slogan be chanted at public and worship places was one of the reasons that led to the war in the summer of 2004. The slogan was inspired by Khomeini’s revolution in Iran.
So, what do you expect from a group of people that raises death and hatred as their slogan? They chant death to America, Israel, and Jews, but in fact, they kill, oppress, loot, and terrorize Yemenis, claiming that they are agents of US and Israel !!
Although such chanting has its psychological influence that turns Houthis into human bombs, yet it is just one in a series of violent and lethal methods Houthis use to train its followers inside their Hawza, and now are trying to impose it on all Yemenis, particularly at schools, where provocative, hate speech and extremism became part of the curriculum and extra-curricular activities, aiming to raise a whole generation equipped with hatred and a willingness to kill.   
Houthis turned schools into military camps and hatchery to produce insurgents, using starvation as a method in this sense. Students were sent to the war zones, and provided with high grades at schools in change, thereby linking school scores with the death and violence culture by forcing students to join the warfronts. This is evident by the high number of minors among Houthis combatants; a practice that defies all human values and international conventions that ban child recruitment. 
Furthermore, Houthis nominate a number of select students to attend secret training sessions for week and months, where they are exposed to brainwashing courses and military training. This explains the continuation of Houthis war since 2004. Houthis care less about the lives of their adversaries, or even the lives of their insurgents, turning the militia into a machine producing human death tools, rendering all peace opportunities futile. 
As part of its mobilization efforts, Houthis militia published Jihad, the children’s magazine that glorifies terror, incites to violence and hatred, and includes sectarian and extremist ideologies unknown to the Yemeni community.
On the other hand, the international community, and the UN way of managing the Yemeni crisis, allow for more chances for the militias to tamper with Yemen’s present and future. Whereas, the international community strives for peace, which is the pursuit of the legitimate government; Iranian-backed militia are intensifying their sabotage and provocative activities at schools under their control and brainwash children to fake their identity, values and beliefs to turn them into saboteurs of Yemen, present and future.        
Throughout the past years, Houthis committed heinous crimes against Yemeni people, through their fanatic elements, trained in death and hatred at their stronghold governorate, Sa’da. Today, these elements, proliferated into thousands following the September 2014 coup, are spreading the death and hatred experience all over the densely populated governorates under their control, hence every year passes, allowing Houthis to produce tens of thousands of death bombs that threaten peace the world over, not in Yemen and the region only.
According to Houthis literature, their war will not be limited to Yemen, rather it will be expanded to reach other countries and its interest in the region, with direct support and great resources provided by Iran. The world is still suffering and paying heavy price from terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, and ISIS, with far fewer resources compared to the Iranian-backed Houthis, and there is great concern that one day the world will regret leaving such a sectarian and terrorist group whose brutality and risk is much more than Al-Qaeda’s and ISIS’s, grows.      
In fact, the repercussions of the Yemeni crisis must put the international community before its responsibilities, towards Iran’s incursion in Yemen through its Houthis arm, and danger bells must be sounded at such an exacerbating threat, noting that Iranian-backed Houthis militia, by a generation saturated with hatred, death, extremism, and terror culture, will not only undermine the present of Yemen but will sabotage its future. Unless the international community play its role in reinstating the legitimate government soon, then it shall wait for the catastrophic consequences, not only on Yemenis but on the whole region and the world. Where Houthis are striving to create new realities by destroying education process, by changing the curriculum and turning school benches into recruitment centers, and platforms to impose their extremist and odd ideas, change Yemenis’ identity and destroy the coexistence and social fabric of the Yemeni community.  
The international community needs to understand that leaving Yemeni children as easy prey for Houthis militia, will turn them into time bombs, threaten the security and interests of the region and the world, and failure to reinstate the legitimate government, and ousting the coup, will only mean a new wave of organized terrorism and sectarian and extremist ideology.       
Now Yemenis are paying the heavy price for leaving students of merely five schools in Marran, Sa’da governorate, exposed to such extremism ideology, so just imagine how is the situation now, following Houthis control over thousands of schools in Sana’a and other areas under their control. And what the world is expecting unless it understands the serious risks of delaying Houthis defeat and until it saves Yemenis generation and the world from such satanic plant and ideology.  
The war fought by Yemenis to preserve their identity against the ideological invasion from Tehran is equally important to the political and military fight against Houthis militia. Houthis militia is racing against time to brainwash Yemen youth, to attract more insurgents to the warfronts, due to their failure on recruiting other adults, and the ideological war need to receive further and exceptional attention, and to mobilize all potentials in this endeavor, including all Yemeni categories and elites, with the support of the Arab Coalition countries, to preserve Yemeni social fabric, national peace and identity.           
The international community is also expected to assume its responsibilities, to combat this bloody invasion which is exacerbating day by day, and it is about time now to stop the spoiling and tolerance policy, that will only lead to more damages and bloodshed.
The international community needs to be more realistic in understanding the dilemma the Iranian-Houthis militia represents to Yemenis, and the region and shall understand that Yemeni people are suffering from oppression, injustice, silencing and intimidation by the militia at areas under their control.
Furthermore, I believe that most of the inhabitants in Sana’a are held hostage to this barbaric militia.
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