IDF kills 4 terrorists in Gaza Strip

Child killed in Gaza; Israeli car damaged in Hebron stone-throwing; troops find explosives near Nablus.

IDF Gaza 224 88 (photo credit: AP [file])
IDF Gaza 224 88
(photo credit: AP [file])
Four terrorists were killed Sunday afternoon in a fire exchange between troops from the IDF's Givati Brigade and a group of gunmen in the center of the Gaza Strip, the military said. IDF sources stated that this event, which took place near Gaza's el-Bureij refugee camp, was "part of IDF operations to uproot terrorist infrastructure to prevent infiltration attempts." No IDF soldiers were wounded and operations in the area continued late Sunday afternoon. Earlier Sunday, Palestinian doctors reported that a young boy had been killed in the Gaza Strip. The officials said the boy was hit by shrapnel to his head and chest; however it was not clear whether he was killed by Israeli forces operating in the area or by Palestinian gunmen who may have misfired a mortar shell. A 16-year-old boy also was also reported wounded. An Israeli car was damaged on Sunday morning in the West Bank city of Hebron when it was pelted with stones. No one was wounded in the incident. Also Sunday morning, a pipe bomb and homemade explosive device were discovered during an IDF patrol near a village south of Jenin. The bombs were subsequently detonated in a controlled blast by IDF sappers. On Saturday night, an Israeli citizen mistakenly entered Ramallah and was apprehended by Palestinian security forces. The IDF released details of the incident, saying that the man was transferred from the city without incident in coordination with the Civil Administration. The man was then detained by police for investigation. Also Saturday night, IDF troops arrested a terror suspect south of Bethlehem. The man was taken for questioning.