Iran: Israel, US to blame for Lebanese gov't collapse

Iranian official says "sabotage and obstruction by America and the Zionist regime are the main cause" of current turmoil in Lebanon.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for the Middle East Raouf Sheibani said Israel and the US sabotaged Lebanon, leading to its government's collapse, AFP reported on Thursday.
"Sabotage and obstruction by America and the Zionist regime are the main cause of the failure of Syrian and Saudi efforts to find a solution for the current situation in Lebanon," Sheibani told AFP.
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"Lebanon is in a sensitive and unstable situation," Sheibani said. "The solution can be found through mutual effort of all political parties" to confront the "conspiracies of the ill-wishers."
He also reportedly said that "policies and warmongering threats" by Israel and the US endangered peace for the entire Middle East.
The Lebanese government collapsed on Wednesday after Hizbullah and its allies pulled out over differences stemming from the UN investigation into the assassination of Hariri’s father, former prime minister Rafik Hariri.