VIDEO: ISIS child jihadists sing in French - 'Your blood will flow'

Suicide belt-clad children threaten of terror attack in chilling new video published by extremist group.

ISIS child militants sing in French
The Islamic State group has threatened to carry out additional terror attacks on Europe in a chilling new video published on Tuesday featuring child operatives.
The video features a large group of underage ISIS recruits singing in French while handling what appear to be suicide belts and other weapons during military training.
The lyrics of the hymn vow that the terrorist group will exact revenge for the orphans of the Islamic State who have lost family members in coalition airstrikes on Syria and Iraq.
"We are ready to fight back, our swords are sharpened to slice necks," chant the children, all of whom are dressed in military fatigues.
The video hints at planned bombings and murders coming from militants already living within European borders.
"Your end is already planned," sing the Jihadi children. "Our warriors are everywhere, ready to sacrifice themselves."