Israeli-Arab who was reportedly killed in Syria resurfaces, calls family

Mueed Jumaa tells family that reports of his death were false; doesn't provide details of his whereabouts.

Mueed Jumaa 370 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Mueed Jumaa 370
(photo credit: Courtesy)
An Israeli-Arab who was reportedly killed while fighting with the Syrian rebels is alive and has contacted his family, Channel 10 reported on Saturday.
28-year-old Mueed Jumaa called his family in Wadi Ara, but did not provide any information on his whereabouts.
"We got a phone call in the early morning hours, and we could not believe that our son was alive. We asked him a few questions only he could answer, and in that we ensured we were talking to Mueed. The joy was immense," Jumaa's father Zaki Agrabiya said.
"He told us he heard that he fell in battle, but that the reports were not true," he added.
Jumaa entered Syria in August, likely through Turkey, and joined the ranks of the forces battling Syrian President Bashar Assad.
A few weeks later, Jumaa was reported dead. His family received a photo of his body but there were no details given on the circumstances of his death.
Yasser Okbi contributed to this report.