Jordan: 2 jailed in plot to kill Israeli

Judge commutes sentence from life to 12 years in order to give convicts a chance to repent.

Jordanian prisoner protests 248.88 (photo credit: )
Jordanian prisoner protests 248.88
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Jordan's military court has convicted two terrorists for plotting to kill an Israeli and sentenced them to 12 years in jail. The court initially sentenced both Loay Shehadah, 38 and Mohammed Odatallah, 37 to life in prison on Wednesday but the judge immediately commuted the sentence to give them a chance to repent, a standard practice in Jordan. The indictment sheet said the men were looking to kill Jews living in Jordan and located a factory in the town of Irbid owned by the Israeli businessman, whose name was not revealed. In January, they headed to the factory but were foiled by a passing security patrol. The verdict can be appealed.