Jordan nabs 4 MPs who attended al-Zarqawi's wake

Jordanian authorities arrested four Islamist members of parliament who attended the wake of Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi, including one who publicly described the notorious terrorist as a "martyr," government spokesman Nasser Judeh told The Associated Press. Mohammed Abu Fares, Jaafar al-Hourani, Ali Abu Sukkar and Ibrahim al-Mashwakhi were being questioned for "statements and actions pertaining to the terrorist al-Zarqawi, which provoked public sentiment," Judeh said. "They violated the law because they instigated sectarianism and incited conflict," he said, referring to remarks by Abu Fares, who lauded al-Zarqawi and said his battle against "American occupiers" in Iraq was justified. Judeh said some of the relatives of the victims of last November's triple Amman hotel bombings also "lodged complaints" with the government against the four lawmakers - all of them members of the influential Islamic Action Front.