John Kerry warns of 'enclave breakup' in Syria

Ahead of "Friends of Syria" talks, 'AFP' reports US Secretary of State Kerry stressing timeliness of intervening in Syrian conflict.

Syrian Rebels 521 (photo credit: GORAN TOMASEVIC)
Syrian Rebels 521
(photo credit: GORAN TOMASEVIC)
US Secretary of State John Kerry announced to US Senators on Thursday that Syria's ongoing conflict is a timely matter which will lead to more "violence, more extremism, an enclave breakup of Syria," without outside intervention, AFP reported
"Friends of Syria" talks will resume on Saturday in Turkey and the agenda reportedly includes discussing possible chemical weapon use by the Syrian government, as well as the flow of arms to the Syrian opposition battling Syrian President Bashar Assad.
Kerry announced his plans to "get everybody on the same page with respect to what post-Assad" Syria will look like," adding that "Qataris, Saudis, Emirates, Turks, Europeans" all have the same intentions, AFP reported.
He also stressed the danger of "the potential of really bad people getting hold of chemical weapons."
"Everybody has now accepted a concern about extremist elements who have forced their way into this picture, and there is a desire by all parties to move those extremist elements to the side and to give support, I believe, to the Syrian opposition," AFP quoted Kerry as saying. "That's a big step forward."
Washington hopes talks will lead to "open to the negotiating process to a political settlement," Kerry is quoted as saying to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He added that the goal is to "create a confidence level about who's getting what kind of aid from whom."