Lebanon tribunal orders probe of 3 more attacks

UN-backed tribunal says murder of Rafik Hariri, for which Hezbollah members were indicted, connected to attacks on other politicians.

Rafik Hariri billboards 311 R (photo credit: Ali Hashisho / Reuters)
Rafik Hariri billboards 311 R
(photo credit: Ali Hashisho / Reuters)
AMSTERDAM - The UN-backed Lebanon tribunal said on Friday it pursue investigations into three bomb attacks which it believes are connected to a separate bombing which killed Lebanese politician Rafik al-Hariri in 2005.
Daniel Fransen, the pre-trial judge for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL), ordered the Lebanese authorities to hand over information about the attacks and assassination attempts on three other politicians -- Marwan Hamadeh, George Hawi, and Elias al-Murr.
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Hamadeh is a former telecoms minister who survived an assassination attempt in 2004 while al-Murr, a former deputy prime minister and former defence minister, was wounded in a bombing in 2005.
Hawi, a former Communist Party chief and critic of Syria, was killed by a bomb in his car in Beirut in 2005.
"The (STL) prosecutor had presented prima facie evidence that each of the three cases are connected (to the Hariri killing), and are thus within the tribunal's jurisdiction," the court said in a statement.
The tribunal issued sealed arrest warrants for four members of the Shi'ite Muslim group Hezbollah in June over the assassination of Hariri, a billionaire Sunni Muslim politician and one time prime minister.
However, none of the four has been detained by Lebanese authorities and Hezbollah, which is backed by Iran and Syria, says they will never be arrested.