Nasrallah granted honorary doctorate from Iranian university

As part of celebrations leading up to its 300th anniversary, a university in the Isfahan region of Iran granted Hizbullah Chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah an honorary doctorate in political science last week, which was accepted by an Iranian cleric on Nasrallah's behalf. Reading a statement from the Hizbullah leader at the ceremony, Sheikh Hassan Hamda expressed Nasrallah's gratitude to the Islamic Republic for its support of the Lebanese Shi'ite militia's fight against Israel, which, Nasrallah's statement read, helped defeat the IDF in the summer of 2006. The IDF, Nasrallah wrote, "is considered impossible to defeat, but thanks to the Lebanese resistance it became a model of failure recognized across the world." He also claimed that the victories Hizbullah has scored against Israel in the past were a direct result of Iranian support, and that they would continue to be in the future.