Nasrallah: Israel used to do more than just talk

Israel used to do more

shiites self inflicted wounds GORY 248.8 (photo credit: )
shiites self inflicted wounds GORY 248.8
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In a Sunday speech to mark the tenth and final day of the Shi'ite mourning period for Imam Hussein, grandson of the Muslim prophet Muhammed, Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah once again slammed US and Israeli policies in the Middle East while glorifying "resistance," a euphemism for terrorist acts. Speaking in a Beirut suburb, Nasrallah urged Muslims around the world to avoid confusing "between the friend and the foe and not to listen to US and Israeli proxies who wish to replace brother with enemy." "Time has changed," Nasrallah said. "In the past, Israel used to do more than it speaks, however today Israel speaks more it acts because it is unable to do anything." The Hizbullah leader also alluded to Egypt's ongoing construction of an impenetrable metal wall meant to block off tunnels used by smugglers in Gaza. "Today, I call on Egypt to stop building this wall," he said, adding that Cairo must take the initiative to end the blockade imposed on Gaza since the advent of Hamas rule there. "The iron wall and the flow of water in tunnels to finish off the rest of the narrow veins that give some hope to Gaza." Turning to internal affairs, Nasrallah stressed that Lebanon had gone through dangerous times in the previous five years. Prophesied for Beirut, he said, were "wars, seditions and divisions," as well as a role in the "sectarian … conflicting" Middle East which would eventually yield easily to Israel. Citing the Christian-oriented Phalangist movement, Nasrallah warned that Lebanese political parties would not succeed in attempts to "provoke" Hizbullah by threatening to undermine the legitimacy of the "resistance." "If war were imposed on us," he said, "we would fight … God willing, we would achieve no less than victory." The Hizbullah leader's speech was broadcast and translated by Hizbullah TV station Al-Manar.