New Palestinian unity government's platform

The following are excerpts from the platform of the new Palestinian government, as published on two Hamas Web sites: "The national unity government will work ... to achieve the higher interests of the Palestinian people, through the following means:"
  • "The government confirms that the key to security and stability in the region is in the ending of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, recognition of the right to Palestinian self-determination, and the government will work with the international community to end the occupation, and to return the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people."
  • "The government abides by the protection of the higher national interests of the Palestinian people, and the protection of its rights ... on the basis of that, respects international resolutions and agreements signed by the PLO."
  • "The government sticks to its rejection of what is called temporary state borders because the idea is based on a principle that negates the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people."
  • "Holds fast to the rights of Palestinian refugees, and the right of return of Palestinian refugees to their land and belongings."
  • "The government confims that the resistance is a legitimate right for the Palestinian people ... halting resistance depends on ending the occupation and achieving freedom and (the right of) return and independence." "Despite that, the government, through national consensus, will work to maintain the truce, expand it to become comprehensive, mutual and synchronized in exchange for Israel's commitment to put and end to its occupation measures."