PHOTO GALLERY: Hamas opens annual summer camp for Palestinian children in Gaza

According to MEMRI, over 100,000 boys and girls from fifth grade to high school age attend "Beacons of Liberation" camps.

Young Palestinians in the Gaza Strip enrolled in a Hamas-run summer camp that is held annually.

According to MEMRI, the camps, which are held under the banner of "Beacons of Liberation," educate the youth on the importance of "liberating all of Palestine."Children also learn about topics such as the right of return, Jerusalem, and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The organizers of the camp say that the goal of the program is "to sow the love of the homeland and the liberation of Palestine in the souls of the youth, so that this generation brings us to the stage of liberation."MEMRI quotes Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh as telling the campers that the Islamist movement would continue "to call and educate for the liberation of all of Palestine, for actualizing the return of the refugees and the release of the prisoners, and for establishing a state on all Palestinian lands with Jerusalem as its capital."