Protests across Muslim world condemn Israel over al-Aksa measures

The Arab world is protesting Israel's security measures on the Temple Mount.

Jordan protests against Israeli security measures at Temple Mount
In downtown Amman, a "crowded" protest condemned "Israeli steps against al-Aksa" and called on the Arab and Islamic worlds to unify in support of Islam's third holiest shrine and to "condemn the targeting of Jerusalem and al-Aksa mosque" the Arabic service of Jordan's official Petra news agency reported. It said that a coalition of nationalist and leftist parties issued a statement on the need for "unity of ranks" among Palestinians in order to "stand up to the Israeli plans."
In Turkey, protests were held in solidarity with al-Aksa in Ankara and Istanbul. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said after mosque prayers in Ankara that Israeli measures at al-Aksa "don't help to solve any problem, on the contrary, they will lead to an increase of tension in the region and harm the atmosphere of tolerance between civilizations and religions." al-Jazeeranet reported.
The protests coincided with violence in Jerusalem, in which at least three Palestinians were killed amid high tensions over Israel's installation of metal detectors on the Temple Mount at entrances to the mosque, the third holiest site in Islam. Israeli authorities said the detectors were needed for security after an attack last week by three Israeli Arab gunmen killed two policemen. But Palestinians have said they violate the status quo and reflected an Israeli intention to take over al-Aksa.
In Kuala Lumpur, thousands of Malaysian Muslims participated Friday in a demonstration called to "save al-Aksa," al-Jazeeranet reported.
Protesters held up Palestinian flags and chanted slogans against Israeli actions, the Qatari website reported. The protest ended at the US embassy, where representatives of the demonstrators delivered a letter of condemnation of Israel, al-Jazeeranet reported.
Malaysian deputy prime minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi participated in a second protest to support al-Aksa and condemn Israeli actions that was held in northern Malaysia, according to al-Jazeeranet.
The World Union of Muslim Ulama (religious scholars) called Thursday on Muslims all over the world to support al-Aksa and make Friday a "day of rage against the Zionist steps."