Son of Hariri urges Lebanese to demonstrate

The son of Lebanon's slain former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri returned to Beirut from self-exile and appealed Sunday for all Lebanese to join in what was expected to be a massive demonstration to mark the first anniversary his father's murder. Saad Hariri said it would be "a great national day." Hariri, who leads the anti-Syrian majority in parliament, also vowed to confront what he called "terrorist acts" - a string of bombings that targeted anti-Syrian figures since his father's Feb. 14 assassination. The younger Hariri had been living in Saudi Arabia because he fears for his life. "Public participation on this great national day is a great national duty. I appeal to all honorable Lebanese to adopt a united historic stand on this day (Tuesday) in which we affirm that our national unity comes before any other consideration," Hariri told a news conference at his Beirut residence.