Switzerland halts weapon sales to Lebanon

Swiss inspectors were only to locate 9 weapons out of forty sold to Lebanon, leading the country to halt all weapons sales.

Swiss Arms SG 553 RP 4k (photo credit: YOUTUBE)
Swiss Arms SG 553 RP 4k
(photo credit: YOUTUBE)
Head of the Swiss Economics Ministry notified the government on Wednesday that all sales of weapons to Lebanon are halted, Swissinfo.ch reported.
The decision was made after Swiss inspectors did a routine follow up to an arms shipment from 2016 and could only locate 9 out of forty weapons sold.
Mentioning the concern that the arms reached “an undesirable party” such as Hezbollah, the Swiss authorities will no longer sell arms to Lebanon.
Previously Swiss weapons companies could only sell weapons to units of the Lebanese security forces in charge of protecting political figures.