Syrian envoy: 'US lifts ban on air industry'

Envoy to Washington Imad Mustafa says Obama mulling more steps to bolster ties with Damascus.

imad mustafa 224.88 (photo credit:  )
imad mustafa 224.88
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Imad Mustafa, the Syrian envoy to the US, said Monday that the Obama administration had lifted the ban imposed on exporting goods to the Syrian Aviation Industry, the Kuwait News Agency reported. Speaking on Syrian national television, Mustafa revealed that the US had also lifted the ban on exporting IT products, whether they were hardware or software, adding that US President Barack Obama was considering lifting more such restrictions. Mustafa said that each item of the penal code of the economic sanctions on Syria would be discussed thoroughly by the US administration in order to improve relations with Syria. According to the report, the ambassador also said that he was present at the Sunday meeting between Syrian President Bashar Assad and US special envoy to the Mideast George Mitchell, in which Syria welcomed the new American steps toward developing bilateral relations.