'Technical glitch stopped terror attack in Sinai'

Glitch stops terror atta

Only a technical malfunction prevented a terror attack on Israelis in the Sinai some two months ago, Channel 2 quoted security officials as saying on Wednesday. The National Security Council's Counter-Terrorism Division said that in the July incident, terrorists caught up with a bus carrying Israeli tourists from Taba to Sharm e-Sheikh and attempted to fire an explosive at the vehicle near Nuweiba. The Israelis on the bus were not aware that their lives were in danger. It was discovered that only a technical malfunction with the bomb prevented the explosion, allowing the bus to continue on its course. The Counter-Terrorism Division reiterated its warning against traveling to the Sinai, citing "concrete" threats of kidnappings or attacks on Israeli targets, as well as a major terror attack believed to be planned by Hizbullah on the peninsula. A primary concern of security officials is that Hizbullah members will attempt to kidnap Israeli tourists and take them to the Gaza Strip, where it would be nearly impossible to locate them. The threat is considered particularly high around the holiday travel season, as well as the anniversary of the February 2008 assassination of Hizbullah military commander Imad Mughniyeh.