UN envoy: Settlements major obstacle to Palestinian state

David Falk tells General Assembly two-state solution "problematic because it would require substantial reversal of settlement process."

richard falk 311 (photo credit: Associated Press)
richard falk 311
(photo credit: Associated Press)
Israel's West Bank settlement construction has made the formation of a Palestinian state an almost impossible task, said Richard Falk, a UN representative on human rights in the Palestinian territories, on Friday, AFP reported.
A Palestinian state "seems increasingly problematic as a solution because it would require a substantial reversal of the settlement process," said Falk.
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Falk reported to the UN General Assembly that it would also be very difficult to make east Jerusalem the capitol of a potential Palestinian state.
"The extension of the Jewish presence in east Jerusalem by way of unlawful settlements, house demolitions, revocations of Palestinian residence rights, makes it increasingly difficult to envisage a Palestinian capital in east Jerusalem."
"You have to disconnect between an inter-governmental peace process and an illusion that at the end of this process is an independent sovereign Palestinian state," Falk told reporters.
Falk added that the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian terrirtories since 1967 "exacts an enormous human cost in terms of the daily existence of every Palestinian trapped in this reality."