UN official calls for immediate opening of Gaza crossing to transfer aid

The UN Coordinator on Humanitarian Access to Gaza on Wednesday called for the immediate opening of the Karni crossing, in order to transfer humanitarian supplies to Palestinians. "Without the violence stopping, it is extremely difficult to get food to people who need it, we cannot assess where the most urgent needs are, and it is too dangerous for civilians to leave their homes to seek urgent medical treatment, buy supplies and assist people in distress," Maxwell Gaylard said in a statement. "We desperately need Karni to open, today, to get wheat grain in. UNRWA has no wheat grain for the 750,000 people who need it," he added. The statement went on to stress that Gazan hospitals were without power, and that fuel was needed to reopen the main power plant. "[Israeli authorities] are offering their cooperation and we are offering ours. They have been responsive to specific requests, which we appreciate. But the gravity of the situation now demands more," said Gaylard.