UN prosecutor: No indictments drafted in Hariri probe

Assassination tribunal may file charges by end of year; considering Hizbullah video footage "implicating" Israel.

311_Rafik Hariri (photo credit: Associated Press)
311_Rafik Hariri
(photo credit: Associated Press)
There will be no rush to indict suspects in the international probe into the killing of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri, UN prosecutor Daniel Bellemare said Wednesday, according to a Reuters report.
"Let me state clearly that the indictment has not been drafted yet," Bellemare was quoted as saying by the website NOW Lebanon. "I will only file the indictment when I am satisfied there is enough evidence."
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The comments came after a flurry of media reports which claimed the UN prosecutor would indict Hizbullah members this month.
Bellemare did express optimism that indictments would be filed by the end of the year.
The UN Prosecutor said that the tribunal is considering video footage provided by Hizbullah which the organization's leader Hassan Nasrallah claimed proves Israel's guilt in Hariri's murder.
"If somebody comes to me with credible evidence that shows me that I may not be on the right path, whatever path I am on, then of course I will look at that material. That is exactly what we are doing."
Bellemare refused to say whether or not he had interviewed any Israelis as part of his investigation.
Despite providing the tribunal with the video footage, Nasrallah has said that Hizbullah has no faith in the investigation, stating that some of its members are connected to Israel.