WATCH: Dramatic footage released shows thwarting of terror attack

Footage shows how officer manages to stop the vehicle at gunpoint before a search finds back seat rigged with explosives.

Police thwarts terror attack (photo credit: screenshot)
Police thwarts terror attack
(photo credit: screenshot)
Video courtesy: Israel Police
Police released footage on Sunday of a recent incident in which Border Police officers prevented a potential terrorist attack by stopping a vehicle which had broken through the security checkpoint, and then stormed the car.
The incident took place a week ago when the security forces arrested a man at the West Bank junction for  carrying an explosive device in his car.
The Border Police said that the man pulled up to a checkpoint near Betar Illit in the West Bank and almost instantly the officers found something suspicious.
They asked the man, who apparently was wearing a wig, large sunglasses, and acting “in a strange manner” to stop the car, but he refused.
One of the officers then reached inside to grab the keys from the ignition, at which point the man stepped on the gas and started driving off, while the officer was still hanging halfway out the window, according to the Border Police.
The officer, however, managed to pull his gun and cock it, ordering the man to stop, at which point he managed to pull the man out of the car and detain him.
The man was arrested and handed over to the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) for questioning. Inside his car officers found pipe bombs, gas canisters, explosives and a detonator, according to a statement put out by the IDF after the incident. The officer who arrested the man said the back seats of the car had been removed and the entire area was full of gas canisters rigged with electric wires.
Ben Hartman contributed to this article.