WATCH: Egyptian policeman saves child from 3-story fall

Fast-thinking cop saved the five-year-old from serious injury.

Scary catch: policeman saves falling child in Egypt, February 22, 2018(Reuters)
Three Egyptian police officers on routine duty saved a five-year-old from serious injury in an arresting catch as the boy fell from a third floor balcony.
The officers were guarding a bank in the southern Egyptian province of Assiut last Saturday when a woman passer-by alerted them to the child's predicament as he hung off the balcony.
As the policemen tried to fashion a makeshift safety net out of a rolled-up carpet the boy tumbled, but one officer was quick enough to allow him to catch the boy in his arms.
The child was unharmed, Egypt's interior ministry, which published the video shot off a CCTV screen, said, adding that the policeman sustained minor bruises to his face.