Watch: ISIS threatens Jews, Israel with 'big war' in second Hebrew video

Jihadi militant in clip threatens "all the Jews" that the fundamentalist group will "come for you from across the world and we will slaughter you like sheep."

Second ISIS video in Hebrew
Islamic State on Sunday published a new video on social media that depicts a member of the extremist group speaking in Arabic-accented Hebrew making threats aimed at Jews and Israel.
The ISIS member speaking with in the nearly 40-second clip is seen with pixelation over his face while brandishing a knife. Two armed men wearing military garb and masks over their heads are seen flanking the speaker.
"My message to the [IDF] officers and soldiers and all the Jews - we will fight you with God's help, we will come for you from across the world and we will slaughter you like sheep, prepare for the big war, the war of stone and wood. This is be soon and not long," said the jihadist in the video.
Sunday's video was the second recorded in Hebrew by the fundamentalist group over the past two weeks.
On October 23,  Islamic State released a video showing one of its militants threatening to attack Israelis in Hebrew, promising that "soon there will not be one Jew left in Jerusalem."
ISIS's Syrian branch posted the clip to Youtube, depicting a masked terrorist, dressed in military fatigues and holding a rifle, speaking Hebrew with an Arabic accent, while making ominous threats against the Jewish State.
"We will enter al-Aksa mosque as conquerors, using our cars as bombs to strike the Jewish ramparts," the ISIS militant said.
"Do what you will in the meantime until we reach you," the jihadi continued. "Then we will charge you ten-fold for the crimes" you have committed against the Palestinian people.