WATCH: Islamic Jihad 'cubs' demonstrate killing of IDF soldiers at Gaza kindergarten

Footage emerges from graduation ceremony for kindergarten run by Palestinian terrorist group.

Islamic Jihad kindergarten
A video published this week documenting the graduation ceremony of Islamic Jihad's "cubs" program for children provides a look into the violent, anti-Israel teaching that prevails in many Gazan kindergartens, which are administered by Palestinian terror organizations.
On Sunday, the 'Islamic Way Kindergarten' in Gaza's Zeitoun district held a graduation ceremony for dozens of children.
A seven-minute video of the event has documented the kindergarten pupils turning from innocent children to well-trained "cubs" demonstrating how to kill Israeli soldiers.
The filmed program begins with a military parade, in which a group of children march on stage, holding weapons, to the sound of jihadi anthems.
After the parade, the children purportedly carry out a demonstration of a complex attack against IDF soldiers. The children are seen dividing into groups that use different modes of operation to target Israeli civilians and soldiers.
The first group acts out planting explosive devices beneath what appears to be an IDF tank, while the second groups mock fires rockets into Israel. Afterwards, all the cubs on the stage enacts the storming of IDF positions, pretending to kill one soldier and kidnap another.
The show ends with a the group of children ostensibly claiming responsibility for the demonstrated terror attack, while one of them pertains to be the military spokesman of Islamic Jihad's military wing, the Quds Brigades.
Following the show, Khader Habib, a senior Islamic Jihad leader who attended the ceremony, delivered a short speech.
"This show sends a message of love. Our children dream to live like the rest of the world's children," Habib stated. "This is a message to the world, which maintains silence amid the killing of our children, our women and our elderly."
"We are telling the Zionist enemy: We do not want to kill anyone, we are not terrorists nor murders. Leave our lands and return it to its owners, do not oblige us to kill you," he added.