WATCH: Jordanian queen speaks out against ISIS

"Islam is our responsibility. Our identity is our responsibility," said queen Rania in a video about the need to defeat ISIS both militarily and ideologically.

Jordan's Queen Rania speaks out against ISIS‏
Queen Rania of Jordan appeared in a video address to the 2015 Arab Government Summit which meets in Dubai on Monday, speaking about the urgent need to defeat ISIS as soon as possible both militarily and ideologically.
The queen's address comes in the wake of the immolation of the Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh last Tuesday by ISIS, which led to a swift military response by the Jordanian military.
"My country, Jordan, is facing crisis and tragedy with patience, faith and determination to fight terrorism and hold accountable those who are committing the most heinous and brutal atrocities of our time," said the queen of Jordan.
"We are in a confrontation with those who have hijacked our religion...They claim to be the successors of the Islamic Caliphate but they have no conscience, and no heart...We need to act. And we are in a race against time to adopt policies that address the priorites which confront us today," she said.