WATCH: Nuclear-themed domino show in Iran ends with Israeli flag destroyed by 'missile'

Large-scale display demonstrates collapse of structures depicting said obstacles to the Islamic Republic's atomic ambitions.

Nuclear-themed domino show in Iran
As the possible collapse of negotiations on Iran's disputed nuclear program remains in the air, a recently-circulated video of a large-scale domino show held in the Iranian city of Gonobad demonstrated the collapse of structures depicting so-called obstacles to the Islamic Republic's atomic ambitions.
In a video translated by MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute) showed various domino structures representing what Iran sees as obstacles to progress in talks with world powers, brandishing phrases such as the "assassinations" [of scientists], "sanctions," and the "Stuxnet virus." Others displayed the names of the cities "Paris" and Geneva" where nuclear talks between Iranian representatives and officials from the so-called P5+1 powers have taken place.
Other models that were collapsed centered around American-related themes, including a structure that displayed the word "CIA" as well as a US flag and American drone. The show culminated with a model missile destroying an Israeli flag figure amid pyrotechnic display.