WATCH: What happens when a blonde girl walks through Cairo University campus?

In video, female student seen walking through campus as men whistle and shout at her; dean says girl to blame for "unconventional" attire.

Female Egyptian student harrased on Cairo campus (photo credit: YOUTUBE SCREENSHOT)
Female Egyptian student harrased on Cairo campus
(photo credit: YOUTUBE SCREENSHOT)
A video of a female Egyptian university student walking through the Cairo University campus while being whistled and shouted at by male students has caused an international and viral backlash against sexual harassment in Egypt, Saudi television station Al Arabiya reported on Wednesday.
The young girl, with long blonde hair and a pink shirt, pink shoes and jeans, can be seen in the video, uploaded to YouTube, walking through the university campus as a group of men gather around her and whistle and shout profanities at her.
The Saudi television channel reported that a group of men also attempted to remove her clothing, which cannot be seen in the clip.
University guards were forced to escort her until the she was safely off campus. 
Adding to the controversy, the Dean of Cairo University Law School, Gaber Nassar, described the student's outfit as "a bit unconventional" and implied that she was responsible for the harassment it caused.
“This girl entered the university wearing an abaya (loose cloak) and then took it off in the faculty, and appeared with those clothes, that caused, in reality -- but this doesn't justify at all [the incident],” Nassar said on private Egyptian channel ONTV.
Nasser later claimed he was misquoted and justified his response on Twitter. 
"I assure that this is not true and I apologize for the misunderstanding and I repeat that those who (harassed the girl) will be severely punished,” he wrote.