Woman gives birth in Nablus after smuggling sperm from jailed husband

Husband serving 8th year of 20 year sentence; calls son an "ambassador of freedom," but refuses to give details of smuggling.

baby drinking from bottle 521 (photo credit: Reuters)
baby drinking from bottle 521
(photo credit: Reuters)
The wife of Jordanian prisoner gave birth to a baby boy in Nablus on Monday, one of several cases of babies being conceived though smuggling sperm from Israeli prisons, the Palestinian Maan news agency reported.
Dr. Salem Khaizaran, general director of the clinic, told Maan that the baby was healthy and is considered to be an "ambassador of freedom."
Salam Nazzal, the wife of Jordanian prisoner Sharif Nazzal, allegedly named her newborn son after her imprisoned husband after giving birth at the Razan Medical Center in West Bank city of Nablus. According to Maan, Nazzal is sentenced to 20 years in jail, having already served seven, meaning he was in prison during the conception of his son.
Nazzal refused to give details of the smuggling of the sperm, due to security concerns.
Dr. Salim Abu Khaizaran, a fertility doctor at the medical center, told Maan that many insemination attempts had failed.
"We don’t intervene and ask how they smuggled sperm from prison and get it to Nablus," Khaizaran said at a news conference, according to Maan. "There are many failed attempts because the sperm die and so prisoners have to keep trying until it works."
Khaizaran said the center is storing dozens of samples of frozen sperm from prisoners of all Palestinian factions.
There are currently 16 women who have become impregnated by smuggling their husband's sperm from Israeli jails, medical sources were reported as saying.
"This accomplishment is dedicated to the Palestinian people, namely prisoners and their families," Nazzal told Maan.