Naama Ben-Moshe (photo credit: SHANI HERTZBERG)
Naama Ben-Moshe (photo credit: SHANI HERTZBERG)


The Genesis collection, designed by Naama Ben-Moshe, a graduate of the Textile Design Department at Shenkar (2015), includes a series of blankets describing the Six Days of Creation. Each blanket represents a different day in the story of the creation of the world, as told in the Bible.

“The story is timeless, and it features many botanical elements in it that connect to my style of illustration,” says Ben-Moshe.

The blankets themselves are made of 100% cotton and are woven in the U.S., using a jacquard technique that allows control of each thread. They can be used in various forms: as a bedspread, blanket for the living room, or for hanging on the wall.

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Photo credit: David Set