GOWNS DESIGNED by costume historian and creator Moni Mednik. (photo credit: MICHAL HALBIN)
GOWNS DESIGNED by costume historian and creator Moni Mednik.
(photo credit: MICHAL HALBIN)

Fashion escapism comes to Design Museum of Holon with 'The Ball' exhibit

CEO of Meditech Danny Weiss and Chief Curator of Design Museum Holon Maya Dvash hosted the Young Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art at the new exhibition "The Ball" - joining the Friends of the Design Museum for a joint evening of artistic and fashion escapism.
The friends of the two museums are ambassadors of Israeli art and work to involve as many young people as possible in the art and culture community. 
At the event, they enjoyed a festive cocktail, a lecture on "The Ball" by the curator of the exhibition Ya'ara Keydar and a guided tour of the exhibition.
Ya'ara Keydar. (Meir Cohen)
Ya'ara Keydar. (Meir Cohen)

Chairpeople of the Tel Aviv Museum’s circle of young friends Elital and Jason Arison could be seen at the even enjoying the evening and meeting new friends.
Elital and Jason Arison. (Rafi Deluya)
Elital and Jason Arison. (Rafi Deluya)

“The exhibition The Ball is dedicated to escapism,” says Keydar. 
The Ball, a new fashion exhibition that was unveiled at the Design Museum Holon on July 13, has been in the works for the past three years. The opening of the exhibition was postponed several times, but in Keydar’s eyes, this only heightens the excitement of the long-awaited event.
The exhibition will encompass the entire structure of the Design Museum Holon.
“For the exhibition, I built a timeline of important moments in history for balls from the 18th century through the ‘80s. The pieces are historically accurate, designed and cut for the exhibition,” explains Keydar.
To complete this complex mission, Keydar called on costume historian and creator Moni Mednik, who molded cotton muslin into some of the most intricate designs ever seen. The historic section includes not only the gowns but the traditional undergarments supporting the dresses from within.
Ori J. Lenkinski contributed to this report.

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