11 injured as forces dismantle illegal West Bank outpost

Settlers throw Molotov cocktail at police car near Alei Ayin; four illegal structures demolished in Binyamin settlement.

alei ayin 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
alei ayin 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Six police officers and 5 settlers were injured as IDF, Border Police and Police forces along with the Civil Administration demolished four illegal structures built in the West Bank settlement of Alei Ayin overnight Wednesday.
Three people were arrested for attacking police officers and throwing rocks. Settlers threw a Molotov cocktail, completely burning a police car
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In an attempt to stop authorities from carrying out the demolition, settlers blocked routes leading to the outpost and threw rocks at approaching forces.
In March, a violent clash between police and settlers at the Givat Ronen outpost in Samaria erupted during a police arrest operation.
Police said that suspects hurled rocks at a patrol car, causing extensive damage, and punctured the car’s tires. Officers were also pelted with rocks during the incident.
Police sprayed pepper spray in response. A back-up police force that arrived on the scene was also targeted with rocks.
Police arrested nine people for assaulting cops and interfering with a police officer.