20 yrs later, woman says she found missing daughter

Woman tells police she saw her daughter who disappeared in 1994 at wedding; woman denies she is missing girl, DNA to be checked.

DNA (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
In a surprise development nearly 20 years after 10-year-old Alexandra Bernadette went missing in Ramat Gan, her mother told police this week she believes she may have located the girl, now living in an apartment in Ashdod.
The story, first reported on Channel 10, is a major development in one of the most famous missing person cases in the history of Israel.
According to the Channel 10 report, the mother was at a wedding in Ramat Gan three days ago when she saw a woman who looked exactly like her daughter.
She confronted the woman, who denied she was her daughter and left the wedding hall. The next day the mother and another daughter tracked the woman down to her apartment in Ashdod and called police, who took testimony from both sides.
Tel Aviv police said Thursday night that the woman agreed to give a DNA sample, which is now being examined by the Tel Aviv branch of the YAMAR investigative unit, which looked into the case. Bernadette first vanished in 1994. The Tel Aviv District commander has given the DNA exam top priority.
Bernadette was last seen on November 24, 1994, when she vanished from the David Hamelech park in Ramat Gan two years after moving to Israel with her family from Ukraine.