Alleged murderer indicted after mystery body parts found in cemetery

Body parts of a 74-year-old woman found in Givatayim cemetery, murder allegedly took place in 2012.

Jewish tombstone 370 (photo credit: reuters)
Jewish tombstone 370
(photo credit: reuters)
The Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday filed an amended indictment against Mordechai Zirzi for murdering his sister Mazal after a helpful breakthrough of finding the hidden body parts of the victim.
Zirzi is 71 and lived in Bat Yam, and Zarsi was 74 when she was killed around December 24-25, 2012, and had lived in Tel Aviv.
The amended indictment alleges that Zirzi killed Zarsi in order to obtain the rights to her assets and the assets of his son “A.A.,” who was caring for and living with Zarsi.
Some of these actions included forging documents granting him those rights after her death, said the indictment.
The indictment stated that as long as Zarsi was alive, Zirzi had to share certain inheritance rights with her.
According to the Justice Ministry, Zirzi had been arrested, was a suspect already some time ago and had been indicted, but the amended indictment will carry far more weight now that Zarsi’s body parts were found.
The indictment said that Zirzi killed Zarsi in his Bat Yam apartment, cut up her body and then concealed her body parts in the ground at the Nahalat Yitzhak cemetery in Givatayim.
The Justice Ministry did not explain the circumstances of how authorities eventually found the body.
Prior to Zarsi’s killing, she had a set schedule, including visiting and assisting with the care of “B.B.” in a nursing home in Bat Yam on specific days of the week, said the indictment.
Zirzi is also charged with forging documents under aggravated circumstances.