Bomb lab found at home of mentally-disturbed man

Police say they found "manifestos" and letters the Kiryat Tivon man had written at bomb lab at man's apartment.

Pipeline Bomb 370 (photo credit: Courtesy IDF)
Pipeline Bomb 370
(photo credit: Courtesy IDF)
Police found an explosives lab in the home of a Kiryat Tivon man who is likely mentally disturbed, police said on Sunday.
Coastal District police spokesman Eran Shaked said that officers who came to the 29-year-old man’s house late Saturday night found a large-scale explosives workshop, including several explosive devices in various stages of readiness. They also found chemicals and powder for making additional bombs, bomb-making instructional guides, and a number of “manifestos” the man had written.
Police made their way to the man’s apartment after a stun grenade was thrown at a house in the town on Saturday night, shortly after which officers found the man walking around town and went to his house with him, where they found the explosives lab.
A district police source said police believe the man appears to be mentally disturbed and there is a strong possibility he could be found unfit to stand trial.
The man does not have a serious criminal record, though he does have a few arrests for violent offenses.
He is not linked to organized crime and police said that they don’t believe he was contracted to make the bombs in the service of any criminal elements.