Border Police officer kills wife, self in Bat Yam

28-year-old shoots wife and then takes his own life; woman is an employee of the Israel Prison Service.

Gun [illustrative] 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Carlo Allegri )
Gun [illustrative] 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Carlo Allegri )
A Border Police officer shot his wife to death and then shot and killed himself in their apartment in Bat Yam, Tel Aviv police reported on Sunday afternoon.
The couple, Golan and Sivan Cohen, leave behind a two- year-old son, who police believe was inside the apartment when the shooting took place.
The initial investigation found that the officer called his wife’s brother after shooting her, telling him, “I just shot your sister, come and pick up our son, I’m going to kill myself,” and then shot himself.
Paramedics found the wife, an employee of the Prisons Service, lifeless on the floor and tried to resuscitate her, before pronouncing her dead. The husband, aged 28, was rushed to Wolfson Medical Center in Holon with a self-inflicted gun- shot wound to the upper body, but within a half-hour police reported he had died.
Speaking at the crime scene on Harav Herzog Street on Sun- day, Ayalon subdistrict head Cmdr. Yehuda Dahan said police received a call about screaming and gunshots from an apartment in Bat Yam and that when they arrived, they found a woman and a man lying on the floor with a large amount of blood on the floor and a pistol next to the hus- band. Since both husband and wife worked for the security services, the shooting will be investigated by the Police Investigative Unit of the Justice Ministry, Dahan said.
Police said they did not know of any history of domestic violence involving the couple.
Last October, also in Bat Yam, a 48-year-old border policeman shot his ex-wife to death in their apartment, and phoned police to tell them “I just killed my wife.”
Last Wednesday night, 64- year-old Freddy Vinokorsky of Tel Aviv called police to tell them he had just stabbed his wife, Yulia, to death in their basement apartment in the Hatikva neighborhood. That couple did have a history of domestic abuse and a police offi- cer had visited their home two hours before the phone call, in response to reports of screaming from the apartment. The officer left the scene without speaking to Vinokorsky. According to a forensic exam, Yulia Vinokorsky was already dead when the offi- cer was called to the apartment the first time.