Druse MK lambastes Arab lawmakers for demonizing Israel, visiting tyrants

The Likud Beytenu MK blasts MK Tibi and other Arab lawmakers for showing support for Assad while he butchers his own people.

HAMED AMER 370 (photo credit: courtesy)
(photo credit: courtesy)
Many Arab MKs build their careers on demonizing Israel, MK Hamed Amer (Likud Beytenu) wrote on an influential US political news site The Hill Tuesday.
Amer’s article was a response to an earlier op-ed in The Hill’s Congress Blog by MK Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List-Ta’al), which compared Israeli treatment of Arabs to the Jim Crow South in the US. “Tibi once again malign[ed] and libel[ed] the country which he purports and is paid to serve....Rather than encourage integration among our community, the community of Arabic-speaking Israeli citizens, Tibi supports segregation, calling for the complete ostracism of any Israeli Arab who volunteers for national civilian service,” Amer, the current Knesset’s only Druse MK, wrote.
According to Amer, Tibi “knows his political future rests on the continued demonization of the State of Israel and its Jewish majority.”
The Likud Beytenu MK blasted Tibi and other Arab lawmakers for visiting despots, like the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, and showing support for Syrian President Bashar Assad while he butchers his own people.
“While Tibi and many of his cohorts are recklessly supporting and encouraging some of the most brutal regimes and terrorist organizations in the world, their local constituency is ignored,” he added.
In addition, Amer pointed out that Tibi did not provide even one example of discrimination when comparing Israeli laws to Jim Crow Laws allowing racial segregation in the southern United States in the years 1876-1965 Amer contrasted himself with other Arab MKs, writing that he was a combat soldier in the IDF and as a politician “quietly set about assisting our community without making headlines” by working to solve problems with sewage, water systems and electrical grids in Arab areas.