Eyal Golan spends first day out of house arrest recording new single

It appears the singer will not be indicted in sex crimes case, told the press that he has no plans to cancel upcoming shows.

Eyal Golan (photo credit: Hadad Eliran)
Eyal Golan
(photo credit: Hadad Eliran)
Singer Eyal Golan spent his first full day free from house arrest on Monday, a day after police said they had passed on the investigation against him to Tel Aviv prosecutors.
It appears that Golan will not be indicted in the sex crimes case, nor will two other men, a Tel Aviv promoter and a radio station manager, who were among the five arrested last Wednesday and questioned by police on several occasions since.
Dani Biton, Golan’s father, and Tzahi Asulin, an employee of Golan’s, are expected to be indicted as early as next week on charges of statutory rape and for allegedly giving underage girls gifts and money in exchange for sex. The two men have emerged as the two central figures in the case, and both had their remands extended for a second time on Sunday.
Golan has repeatedly denied that he knowingly slept with any underage girls. The singer told the press on Monday that he spent the day recording a new single, praying, and said he had no plans to cancel any of his upcoming concerts.