Eyal Golan, Yesh Atid, Bar Refaeli most searched on Google in Israel in 2013

The Google Zeitgeist 2013 report reveals world's biggest issues and interests.

Bar Refaeli (photo credit: REUTERS)
Bar Refaeli
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Bar Refaeli Photo: ReutersBar Refaeli Photo: Reuters
Google released their annual Zeitgeist report Tuesday, rounding up the top 10 trending and most searched terms on the Internet this year.
The list, which has been put out by Google every year since 2001, revealed the biggest issues, interests, and phenomenons by search volume in the world.
Nelson Mandela, the Boston Marathon, and iPhone 5S were some of the most searched terms worldwide.
So, what were 2013's hottest topics in Israel?
Eyal Golan, Yesh Atid, and Bar Refaeli top the lists, while popular "How to" searches included 'How to vote,' 'How to find a doppelganger' and 'How to call from a blocked number.'
The most searched Israeli politicians include Economy Minister Naftali Bennett in the number one spot, followed by Labor's Shelly Yacimovich and Bayit Yehudi's Ayelet Shaked in the second and third positions, respectively.
'Big Brother' and 'The Amazing Race' captured the Israeli television audience's imagination this year, and top cultural phenomenons included the Harlem Shake dance craze, polio vaccinations, and the addictive game Candy Crush.