African migrant suspected of beating man in front of family in south Tel Aviv

African men reportedly opened car door, pulls man out and beat him, kicked him and stabbed him until he passed out.

Guy beat by African migrant 370 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Guy beat by African migrant 370
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A mob of men dragged an Israeli man from his car in south Tel Aviv and beat him in front of his wife and three kids, The Jerusalem Post has learned.
In a post on Facebook on Monday, Nitzan Gavrieli describes how she, her husband Ayal and their three children were driving down Lewinsky Street next to the central bus station last Friday morning when they pulled up to a red light and an African man opened the driver’s side door, pulled her husband out of the car and began beating him.
“And this is when the greatest nightmare of our lives began,” Nitzan wrote.
She described how a group of men, whom she called Eritreans, grabbed her husband and beat and kicked him across his entire body, and stabbed him.
They then dragged him through the street until he passed out.
“I stood there screaming ‘Stop!!’ My older son, who is only five, sees it all and yells ‘Mom, they’re killing my father!!’” Nitzan wrote on Monday.
She said that she called police who came quickly and that her husband was taken to the hospital with a broken nose, lacerations and trauma.
Tel Aviv police arrested two men at the scene, and one of them should be facing an indictment in the coming days, police said. The man is not cooperating with investigators and they don’t know the motive for the crime, whether it was a robbery or a random assault, police added.
Police released the second man who was arrested, also an African migrant, after they determined that he was trying to help the family.