'Five years is too long to wait for haredi draft'

“Camp Sucker” protest representative says Lapid's "Tal Law" alternative too slow in implementing ultra-Orthodox enlistment.

Tal Law Protest 311 (photo credit: YouTube Screenshot)
Tal Law Protest 311
(photo credit: YouTube Screenshot)
Boaz Nol of the “Camp Sucker” protest movement said that while he agrees with the principle behind Yair Lapid’s plan – that there should be required IDF service for every citizen – he took issue with the five-year plan.
“It’s obvious to me that you can’t just do this overnight, you cant just send the military police into Bnei Brak and enlist everyone. But at the same time, I don’t think it should take five years. It should be three years so that it is within the span of a single candidacy.”
In January, Nol and a group of supporters set up a protest encampment called Camp Sucker at the Arlozorov Train Station in Tel Aviv to voice their opposition to the “Tal Law.” Other protest tents were set up throughout the country as part of the initiative, which has received widespread media coverage.
Nol added that he also does not have a problem with there being a small number of yeshiva students who still receive an exemption, saying “we do that too, with a very small number of promising athletes, musicians, actors, who receive exemptions. I think the same should go for a young boy studying to be the next Rambam.”