Glenn Beck compares housing protesters to communists

Peace Now: MKs should boycott Beck's planned J'lem rally, condemn comments made on show entitled "Radical leftists protest in Israel."

Glenn Beck on radio 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Glenn Beck on radio 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Peace Now on Monday called upon Knesset members to boycott Glenn Beck’s August 24 Jerusalem rally after Beck compared the reported 200,000 people who attended the August 6 housing rally in Tel Aviv to Communists.
In a video clip from Beck’s show titled “Radical leftists protest in Israel” that was posted on his website, Beck mocked the protesters’ demands for guaranteed housing, raising the minimum wage, and providing education for children aged three months.
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“That worked out well for the Soviets,” Beck said when told about the protesters’ demands.
He suggested solving the housing shortage by building in Judea and Samaria and questioned where the protesters’ funding came from.
“Why even look if there is any leftist global financing involved?” Beck asked. “Do not look to see if there is any Islamist movement that is joining them.”
Beck then spoke about joint efforts between socialists and Islamists in history and noted that Islamists worked together with the Nazis, using the alternative name for the Nazi party, the National Socialists.
Peace Now secretary-general Yariv Openheimer said MKs should not attend the rally and should condemn Beck’s comments.
“What he said is very problematic,” Openheimer said.
“Because of Netanyahu’s policies, our only friends that we have left in the world are crazy, racist, extremist lunatics like Glenn Beck.”