Handicapped man confuses cops with Facebook post

Picture of police cruiser parked in handicapped spot, subsequent police explanation, becomes a mini-viral sensation.

Police facebook parking_311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Police facebook parking_311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A picture of a police cruiser parked in a handicapped spot and the subsequent police explanation became a mini-viral sensation when the owner of the parking spot posted the photo on the Israel Police Facebook page on Tuesday.
In the picture, Amir Pinto, whose left leg is amputated above the knee, can be seen leaning on the side of a police cruiser outside the offices of Haaretz newspaper where he works.
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In the picture, a sign can clearly be seen next to the space specifying that it is for Pinto’s car.
By 7 p.m., the photo had been “shared” on Facebook by 1,791 users and the police had issued a response that was met with ridicule by Facebook users.
According to the operator of the police’s Facebook page, the vehicle in question had recently been taken in for repairs and the mechanic had parked the car in Pinto’s spot without police knowledge.
In a subsequent response to The Jerusalem Post, Pinto disputes the explanation, saying that he waited until the police officer returned, and when he did he “drove off without apologizing.”
According to Pinto, it’s a common occurrence for him to find a car parked in his reserved space when arriving at work.
“If I had 10 shekels for every car that was parked in my spot, and received a fine, I would have a second salary, or I might not even have to work,” Pinto said in a post below the picture.
“I understand why I’m late every day to work, because I have to argue and wait for people to come tow the jerk [parked in his spot],” he added.